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Imports not hinder the development but essential pillar of development in the world today. But with import growth of productivity and technology is almost impossible.


Our expert trading teams have many years of experiences sourcing products from the variety of international origins and finding the lowest prices.


we can bring your products into China quickly and cost-effectively. Our advisory services and one-stop solutions empower you to build your business without exposing yourself to unnecessary risks.

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Address : No18, shahid hasan zadeh alley,takharestan st,zafar st,Tehran,Iran

Phone : +98-21-22900221

Fax : +98-21-22921782

Email : info@sapsagroup.com

About us

Etemad Machine Apadana company is an International trading company that specializes in the trading of heavy and super heavy cranes , construction machinery ,spare part, Petrochemical and general commodity since 2008.